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Ysabel - play game and have fun!

Once upon a time there lived a princess who was beloved by the whole kingdom. The name of the princess was Ysabel and she was the only heir to her father’s throne. On one fateful day the great king was killed by evil forces attempting to take control of the land and Ysabel was kidnapped, locked in a well guarded castle and surrounded by vast armies. Brave lords must rise to fight for the honor to be her savior. To gain strength they must band together to form large alliances, raise armies and compete through diplomacy and warfare. Through many trials only one alliance shall bask in the glory of saving Ysabel and bringing peace once again to the kingdom.

Ysabel is a web-based real time multiplayer game. No installation is required, just create an account, play game and have fun. Since it is a real time game, your castle grows even when you are not online. The game includes tutorials to get you started quickly and forums to ask questions and meet the great online community that has settled in Ysabel’s Kingdom.

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