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"The game is very addictive with regular updates the fun never stops. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a time consuming game with lots of friendly players and a way to meet new people. Another great thing is that the admin is open to suggestions so the community shape the game to improve gameplay for everyone!" - joe12312
"The most addictive web game I've ever played, period. I never get bored to build, attack, plunder and experiment some more. Can't wait for the day when there we will hit 10.000 Ysabel players who wish to aid in the rescue of our beloved princess. Cheers." - Azure
"Great game and great community. It has one big problem: itís addictive. I play game for 7 months already and I think I will play it at least a few rounds more. Yes, you will not get rid of me that easily" - bathory
"Nice game! I think it suits many of us who want to escape a little bit from daily life. Very friendly people headed by administrators who are helping us understand the game." - ciuciu
"Good game for those who like strategy games, but lack the time to play other, more time-consuming games. Offers a good game-feeling by playing against other people from different parts of the world, and by that replaces the sometimes boring storylines from single player games and presents new challenges and different situations each and every time you log in. Beware: may become addictive." - talion
"Very good! the game deserves more players I play from work and it's a lot of fun to escape from the usual problems of the office." - ultras-lord