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Word game - an exercise of imagination. Full story can be found on the forum: Word Game

Many years ago there was a beautiful place called The Valley of Kings. There lived a strange kind of island which could transform itself into a giant feared by all for eating little boys and girls.One day a mighty knight saddled his horse to get some food for the giant grizzly bear who is a king in disguise.McDonald's was closed. He then went to BurgerKing but they were out of Big Mac's so he decided to starve the grizzley bear but the bear ate green eggs & Ham. Then the grizzly bear went to sleep. The knight took a strole with his horse to the bay. He was sad because the grizzly wasn't a princess. She was actually a male grizzly which had a long, beautiful neck which was smelly because of the hair on it. Also he was tired from fighting the green haired extremely big Hippopotamus. The hippo was deformed from birth because his mother ate too many giant chocolate pies which cuased his resemblance with a little midget named Stewie who had been last seen at the park talking alone. Anyway, he went back to his thoughts with a gun, he shot himself. Now there was a child with his young mother passing by there who start to bandage his toe. Which was connected to his foot and was bleeding because the bullet. Suddenly, the giant aggressive panda bear jumped on the horse and yelled "Giddy up horsie." Then the Panda looked at the really big stone brought there by an evil giant who had a smile on his face although he did not understand the language which was spoken by the evil giant. He decided to attack the giant with a stick. The stick broke so he used a broken bottle and stuck it very hard up the giant's inner ear lobe. The giant was bleeding from his gashed face. The giant then ran to a non-violent bird which looked like a big canary and said: 'Oi, i need to end this.

Alphabet game - wonderful story. Full details can be found on the forum: Alphabet Game

In a castle's garden
A very long time ago something extraordinary happened.
Behind its walls many people gathered.
Coming from many places, the bards, singers, and dancers arrived soon after.
Drums and trumpets could be heard from miles.
Everyone gathered there.
Folks, lend me your ears cried a voice from the crowd!
Gather round Gather round said the voice
How many of you have ever seen a royal wedding raise your hand!
I have! I Have! yelled people from the crowd
Just then a door opened and everybody saw the royal couple.
Knights knelt before them.
Lights were sparkling now at every window.
Many, many lights.
No where in sight was there a dark house.
Over the horizon, the sun sets, and night settles down on this fairy-tale scenery
Peasants and nobles, knights and merchants from all the kingdom were celebrating
Quietly the opposing kingdom marched towards the city
"Relent!" cried the oncoming horde "know peace through submission!"
Stopping all celebrations, the knights grabbed their armor and weapons
Trumpets blared in a cacophony of music, urging the knights onto victory.
"Unity!!" yelled the knights as they prepared to engage their enemies
Valiantly, the two opposing armies clashed
Winning was the only option that these brave knights would accept
Xanthic enemies started to flee the battleground.
Yet the knights didn't pursue for it would be cowardly to attack a fleeing opponent.
Zuatha, the grand knight leader, had his plan finally come to fruition. for generations the people declared honor to his name.