Terms of Use

Ysabel is offered to all the users as a source of entertainment. We did our best to make sure that the game function properly and users will not experience problems. Before start playing, you must complete the registration process which includes specification of: user name, password, email address. Every user is responsible to maintain the confidentiality of the account info. An administrator must be notified in case of unauthorized use of your account.
Your IP address is stored every time when you log in to make sure that everybody is playing fair and to avoid cheating. Email address specified at registration is used for account validation, maintain user name between server rounds (Hall of Fame) and for notices about important game events.
While playing Ysabel please respect the following simple rules:
  • Create only one account
  • Do not sell or transfer account
  • Do not login into somebody else account
  • Do not use scripts to automate your actions
  • Do not use inappropriate language on the forum or in the messages to other players
  • Do not try illegal activities as hacking, spamming etc
Fair play please!